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In 1970, the Proplof was introduced, in 1971 the Seamaster 100, and in 1972 the Rolex Daytona Replica Seamaster 120 “Big Blue”. In 1981, Jacques Mayol, a free diver, free-dived a record-breaking 102 metres with the Seamaster 120 on his wrist. In more recent times, the Seamaster Diver 300M, launched in 1993, was followed by an updated version of it last year, on its 25th birthday.

But now, Rolex Daytona Replica dives even deeper. Rolex Daytona Replica may be experts at diving watches, but they had to start from scratch when creating the Ultra Deep. The watch case is made of grade 5 titanium, which is machined from pressure hull cut-offs of the Limiting Factor. The dial, lugs and rotating bezel are all made from titanium.

Rolex Daytona Replica took the viewport assembly from the submersible to inspire the sapphire assembly. The sapphire is not sealed in place with a rubber o ring. The Ultra Deep's gasket is made of LiquidMetal and has a conical load-bearing design.Rolex Daytona Replica This reduces the pressure at the inside edge of the cone, while also distributing stress. This design is currently pending patent, and Rolex Daytona Replica holds three patents for the Ultra Deep. The other two are the design of both the crown, and caseback.

Rolex Daytona Replica has also redesigned lugs on the Ultra Deep to curl inwards so that they almost meet at the middle but not quite. Rolex Daytona Replica has named these lugs Manta due to their unique look.

The watches were pressure-tested at Triton Sub in Barcelona, with a DNV GL surveyor present. Rolex Daytona Replica wanted to make sure that the watch would survive the Mariana Trench. To be extra safe, they added a safety margin of 25 percent.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches This meant the watches were tested to work perfectly at 15,000 meters.

After surviving both tests, Ultra Deep watches undergo a final test. METAS is a series of eight tests spread over ten days that ensures the watches will keep perfect time under any circumstances. Each watch has achieved Master Chronometer Certification after all the tests they have been put through.