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Rolex Submariner Replica

It seems that this year is not just the Year of the Rolex Submariner Replica but also the Planet Ocean. Rolex Submariner Replica announced that its latest creation, Rolex Submariner Replica successfully broke the 1960 world record for the deepest dive. Rolex Deepsea Special, piloted on the bathyscaphe Trieste by Captain Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard, set the previous record in 1960.

Victor Vescovo is a private investor with a passion for adventure. He will be leading Rolex Submariner Replica's expedition.Rolex Submariner Replica After conquering the highest points on the planet, he now wants to reach the deepest. His self-funded Five Deeps Expedition will be the first manned expedition in the world to reach the deepest point of each ocean.

Vescovo, in his DSV Limiting Factor, plunged down to the Mariana Trench at 10,928 meters earlier this year. This feat was made all the more impressive by Vescovo's Rolex Submariner Replica. Three of them were on board: two were strapped to the robotic arms of the submersible, and the third was attached to a data gathering unit called the Lander. All three emerged from the extreme pressure unscathed, and in near-perfect time.

DSV Limiting factor; note robotic arm. (Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches).

Vescovo and Rolex Submariner Replica CEO Raynald schlimann unveiled the three Ultra Deep Watches to guests at the British Museum, London, on the 24th of June.

Raynald Aeschlimann and Victor Vescovo, the President and CEO of Rolex Submariner Replica.

A Diving Legacy

Rolex Submariner Replica's ocean exploration history began in 1932, when the Rolex Submariner Replica "Marine" was launched as the first commercially-available divers' watch. The watch had been chosen by American explorer Charles William Beebe who invented the bathysphere, which could carry humans underwater. Beebe, the inventor of the bathysphere that could transport humans underwater, chose to wear his "Marine" during a 14-metre dive in 1930.

In 1948, the first Seamaster was introduced. It was immediately purchased by British aviators who were looking for a reliable and water-resistant watch to use during battle. Rolex Submariner Replica launched the Seamaster 300 in 1957 to cater for both amateurs and professionals in the postwar underwater exploration boom.